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14 October
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Welcome to GreenWoman's Half Aft.

I am an artist. You can view my work at Half Aft Studio:

I also have a personal website, where you can find my fanfiction (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, The Sentinel, and The Magnificent Seven) and that of some of my friends (TM7, Buckaroo Banzai, Forever Knight), my Jimmy Buffett / parrothead pages, my Warren Zevon page, the websites of the musicians I enjoy, and other odd information. You can visit Half Aft here:

I have a variety of interests. I have been a Jimmy Buffett fan / parrothead since 1976, and I love trop-rock music. I have been a fan of Warren Zevon for the same amount of time. I love gardening, and have a large collection of indoor plants. My African Gray parrot is my favorite "child," but I am caretaker to a houseful of animals, most of them rescues. I love movies and television shows, and have been involved in media fandom since the 70s. I also read and enjoy both nonfiction and fiction, and am something of a history buff.

I don't post much, but you're welcome to drop in and read whenever you would like.