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Back from Key West ....

... and what a wild ride!

My logo design was *everywhere*! On the t-shirts, the ID badges, the programs ... even my lettering for the convention title was used on the wrist bands, giveaway cooler/tote bags, and other convention swag. They even made and gave away a commemorative coin; heavy and silver with my design in enamal on one side, and the Margaritaville logo on the other side! They also made gorgeous coozies (bought some!) and an embroidered jean jacket (ordered one!). It didn't stop there; I walked out onto the Casa Marina beach and there was a six-foot tall sand sculpture of my design! I was stunned!

Things got even better in the art department. My business partner Bob Karwin shipped 12 sets of sandstone coasters with my designs on them (four to a set, four different designs) to the Green World Gallery in Key West. They got there late Friday afternoon and were sold out by 3:00 pm Saturday! Koz, the owner of the gallery, has ordered 24 more sets, along with the glassware that Bob had made but which wasn't ready in time for the convention.

Koz has also sold at least six of my 35 hand-painted coasters, and wants me to do more, along with larger work; he wants to make prints and t-shirts as well as selling the originals.

Pine Bay Gallery in Matlacha, where we stop on our way home, loved the sandstone coasters and pending the owner's decision, will be stocking them; they also want my original work and prints.

I have requests for three new CD covers and two t-shirt designs from various trop-rock artists. I don't get paid for those (I can't bring myself to charge my trop-rock guys!) but I get plenty of publicity; I got lots of call-outs from the stage from artists whose covers I'd done.

I did dozens of pen and ink coaster drawings in Key West, and painted a few too with my little watercolor field kit, which works very well even in crowded bars. I handed out over a hundred business cards.

I think that Tiki Bar Art and Half Aft Studio have a future. %-)

GreenWoman, exhausted and dealing with a souvenir cold, but thrilled!

Here's my design: a graphic artist did the amazing color, but the drawing is mine!

Tomorrow I Leave for Key West

... for the annual Jimmy Buffett/parrothead convention. I'm driving down, as usual; night one in Atlanta, night two in West Palm Beach, night three on Islamorada, and into Key West on Halloween. I plan to mix up my fandoms by wearing my Supernatural / Singer Salvage t-shirt on my first day down island.

I have original art in a gallery on Duval Street. I have sandstone coaster setss with my art in the same gallery, and being sold online. I have an entry in the Green Parrot Bar paint-a-shutter contest, winners to be announced on Nov. 3. I will have SIX CD covers debuting at the convention. And I have one other *huge* art coup that I can't say anything about until the convention starts.

My mind is quite boggled.

This should be a very interesting convention. %-)

GreenWoman, ready to hit the road!


I'm just so excited. %-)

I'm stunned to announce the advent of Tiki Bar Art! Trop-rock singer/songwriter Bob Karwin is starting a business to put my art on coasters (the kind you can actually use!), barware, and who knows what else. %-) For now, he's having sandstone coasters made with four of my designs; we hope to have them, along with paper coasters and glassware, at the Green World Gallery in Key West in time for Meeting of the Minds. The Green World Gallery is already carrying my original, hand-painted coasters, and I plan to have more original art there soon.

You can find the stone coasters here:


And Green World Gallery here:


So, wish us luck ... tell a friend, and have a very tiki New Year!

GreenWoman, who now feels like I can say "artist" without the "kindasorta" in front of my name! %-)

It's Official!

I can now call myself a real artist! The Green World Gallery on Duval Street in Key West is hanging my work! They took all of the 30+ handpainted coasters I sent them, and want more.

Here's the display of my coasters: they're starting at $15.95 each.

They also want me to do some larger work, and to do prints of it.


A Big Step Forward (Artsy Speaking)

The time is drawing near for me to return to Key West for my annual pilgrimage to the Jimmy Buffett fan parrothead festival. This year, though, there's something kind of special going on.

There is a gallery on Duval Street that is owned by an artist who's a big trop-rock fan. Green World Gallery already carries CDs with covers that I've done for some of my trop-rock artist friends; the gallery owner has also expressed an interest in my work.

So today I shipped off a box of 35 coasters from half a dozen Key West bars, on the back of which I've done pen and ink drawings or watercolor paintings. I've done this sort of thing for years and just given them away, but this time, there's an actual gallery that may want to display and sell them.

I'm so excited!

Here's a pic I took of everything I sent, before I put it in a watertight zip-lock baggie, boxed it up, and sent it on its way to Key West this afternoon.

Wish me luck!


Life Lately

First, some art. %-)

I'm working on a CD cover for a trop-rock group that I love; they wanted a lot of sunset. I gave it a try but this makes me think of "trop rock comes to Mordor" ... they agreed, so I'm trying again later.

Life has been rather rough lately. My sister is in Texas every summer so I'm technically running the house and taking care of my mother, although thankfully my niece was home this year and helped *a lot.* I've been working on refinancing our house since last fall and finally made it happen. I've had a lot of requests for art and not enough time or confidence to tackle them properly. And my mother has been *very* ill for the past three weeks and is only just beginning to get better.

So, in an attempt to get something of myself back, and taking advantage of the refinancing $$$, I have done something totally self-indulgent ... I just booked a flight for Key West. Not my annual pilgrimage to the Jimmy Buffett fanfest I attend every year (and will again this year, in November) but a trip on my own, no crazy running from pillar to post trying to see everyone play ... just staying with a friend and taking my pens and paints and enjoying the island and getting some rest.

Labor Day weekend, I'll be down island, painting. I can't believe I'm doing this, and I still feel guilty ... but damn it, I'm going.


It suddenly looks as if, maybe, I might be able to afford to go this year.

My purpose in going would, of course, be to see Jim Beaver speak. I know that it's probably way too late to get into an autograph/photo line for him. Which doesn't really matter. I worked in the industry for over 20 years, and asking someone for an autograph or photo still feels weird to me. I just want to *see* the man, and if I could get into a line, just tell him how much I love Bobby Singer, and how nice it is to see someone who still cares about old Hollywood history.

That would be *so* worth it.

Does anyone know anyone who's going who is in one of the host hotels and who wants a roomie?

Long shot, I know, but I'm asking anyway. %-)

Sail on, big man. Your music will always stir my heart and echo in my memories.


Krewe 42

Well, I've got the new discussion group set up. I'm not sure why it's not showing up in searches, but here is the direct link:


Below you'll find the current profile information (I'm sure it will change as the community grows and begins to define itself). Please join if you're interested, and share the link with others who you think might like to visit Krewe 42.


Krewe 42 Profile:

"Krewe 42 takes its name from the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy: 42 is the answer to The Ultimate Question, 'What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?' This is a community intended for people who are interested in discussing news, politics, entertainment, media fandom, fanfiction, and other topics of interest. Sharing of personal experiences, triumphs, or rants is fine too, but please do so sparingly; that's what your personal journal is for.

"Krewe 42 is *not* a drama or snark community; there are plenty of other places for that. We want to explore points of view and share opinions, without rancor. We're going to be polite to each other as we discuss things about which we don't agree. We want to learn; we want to educate; we want to share; we welcome opinions about topics that interest all political leanings, races, sexes, etc., from posters of all political leanings, races, sexes, etc. Rants are fine, but excessive obscenities and namecalling are discouraged.

"I'm new at this, and I'm going to do my best to be a good moderator. If I make mistakes, please forgive me and make suggestions as to how to improve our group."

A New Community

Taking a deep breath and hoping it's a good idea, I've started a community ... Krewe 42 (krewe_42). It's intended to discuss the news, politics, social issues, fandom and fanfic, and other miscellaneous topics ... but in a courteous, and hopefully enlightening, way.

If you're interested, please go check out the profile and, if it appeals, join!

Welcome to Half Aft

I am an artist, a gardener, a fangirl and fic writer, a parrothead, and a mom to an African Grey parrot and a lot of other critters.

I invite you to visit:

my fanfiction, music links, & other interests)

my artwork)

(my photos)

It's nice to have you drop in.

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